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CODEVI is an industrial park constructed in the mid-2000s in Ouanamnithe, having over 5 acres of land developed into industrial space, housing 5 apparel manufacturing business lines, and timberland is the most recent addition. CODEVI is owned by Grupo M, a private apparel manufacturer, vertically integrated, in the Dominican Republic producing knits and woven products for the U.S. market. In addition to the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (MIF), the Soros Economic Development Fund has also previously invested in CODEVI.

Ouanaminthe is a city located in the Nord-Est Department of the Republic of Haiti. It contains about 100,000 people. It is just located in the border zone, being separated from the province of Dajabon (Dominican Republic) buy the Massacre River. 

Social-Economic Impact

  • 6,500  people as direct labor (3,000 Dominicans, 3,500 Haitians)
  • A mixture of Dominican and Haitian labor required  in order to achieve the necessary synergies  for an excellent final product
  • 32,500  people as indirect labor
  • Considering that the total population of Ouanaminthe is about 100,000 people, the aforementioned direct and indirect labor run for 6.5% and 32.5%, respectively.  

The Project
Project "Relocating the Cooks" was born of concern of the CODEVI Free Zone, due to the problems of hygiene, health, use of charcoal, untreated water and lack of sanitation in the community of Juana Mendez, particularly by the female sector known as "marchantas". This project aims to improve the quality of infrastructure (kitchens, point of sale) utilized for processing and sale of food by the "marchantas". It also aims to educate beneficiaries on terms related to development, management and sale of processed food, as well as set up of a proper payment and collection system.

The project aims to formalize the jobs of up to 100 cooks and their 120 employees who currently operate make-shift, unsanitary stalls outside of the park, where they do not have access to running water or electricity. CBHF’s grant is intended to fund the construction of, and equipment for, 50 new individual kitchens, each a separate business, within CODEVI’s fences. As of the Effective Date, CBHF has disbursed $80,834 of the Grant Funds to Grantee.

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods with the Kitchens Project

  • Support micro enterprises, a majority of which are led by women, in transitioning to the formal economy.
  • Make sanitary food accessible for employees of the CODEVI industrial park.
  • Promote the wellbeing of park employees by incorporating additional services.


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